Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Wee Babe in Diaper

Back View

Night Gown and Bonnet

Dressy  Outfit and Bonnet

My little grand daughter, Avery is nine years old, and she and I were looking through some magazines one day, and she saw a miniature baby doll, made for collecting, that you can order and then you get a new one every month.  They were quite pricey, so we decided she might not want that for her birthday, because it would have to be her only gift.  Avery loved it so much, it had been on my mind off and on trying to think of how I could get her one.  I am making many of my Christmas gifts, and I suddenly thought about making a miniature soft-sculptured doll for her.  I had made some full sized ones years ago for my daughters when Cabbage Patch dolls were all the rage, and were in shortage.  I got out paper and set about making a pattern for the wee, six inch little babe.  I ended up having to hand sew it, because of it's tiny size, but when I finished sewing and sculpting it, I fell in love.  She's kind of silly looking, but I think she's sweet.  I made her some little clothes also.  I think Avery will love her.  At least I hope so.  Now I have to make another one for my other little two year old grand daughter, Gracie.  She loves babies, and I think this one will be just her size. 


  1. She is not silly. She is totally pretty. Good idea.

  2. Hello Madam...this is really cute..looking so sweet..you have sweet blog,keep it up...