Tuesday, September 28, 2010

More examples of combining techniques on cards

I wanted to add a few more cards that I made using other techniques.  This first one is tea bag folding, it looks complicated as a whole, but the motif is broken down into very simple folded sections held together with the tiniest bit of glue.  This gives your cards a lot of dimension.  you can find paper specially made for tea bag folding, with the designs placed optimally for the best result when folded.  You can actually save your pretty teabag envelopes, if you are a tea drinker, as you can tell my my title, I am, and cut those up to be used. 

The next one is embossed.  I feel it adds a simple elegant touch to cards and tags, and I have used them to decorate packages and gift bags.  You can buy the brass stencils  and a light table at most craft stores.  They are very reasonably priced.  I used this technique on my daughter's wedding invitations, adding a glaze pen with l light tough of glitter to highlight some of the areas, and they were beautiful. 

 The last is a baby card, I used my cricket for this sweet little baby and tucked it inside of a little  blankie made of folded paper.  After I made it I decided the next time I make these, I am going to use flannel, with a pinked edge, to add texture and softness to the card.

I hope maybe I have inspired some of you to try something new.  It's always fun to add different techniques to your projects, it keeps them fresh and uniquely yours.  Have fun, and if you have any questions feel free to comment, or email me, I would love to hear from you!   

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