Monday, January 31, 2011

New Sewing Room!

I finally have a place for all my sewing machines!

Garden Gate

Jewelry Supplies and Work table
Sorry I haven't posted in quite some time, this month has been so hectic, we're remodeling, my daughter fell and hurt her arm, I have been putting together and organizing my new craft room.  My DH finished the shelves and counter top and work counters for me.  It's so nice to have a place where I can craft without messing up the rest of the house.  I am, unfortunately, one of those people who cannot be creative without also creating a large mess.   I don't know how you neat people do it.  I drag out so much stuff to make something that its mayhem in there.  I will show these picture now, because it's probably the cleanest it will be for a while. 

A note about the gate, it may seem strange to have a gate up, but there are two reasons for that:  One, because I  have small grandchildren that visit and I don't want them to get hurt on things in Gram's craft room, and second,  I am thrilled to have it, because it is the gate from my parents home, and they have both passed away and we sold the property.  I saved the gate as a memento, because I thought it was kind of cute.  My husband painted it for me, with a hand pounded pewter-look paint and I decorated it with flowers, and then he figured out a way to make it work in the opening that I had.  It may look silly to some, but it's beautiful to me.

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