Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What Can you Make with Pull Tabs from Beverage Cans?

A beautiful bracelet, that's whatI saw a version of this bracelet in a crochet magazine, and tweaked it to my own taste.  I like this project because it recycles something you would throw away into something beautiful and useful.  

This is my first tutorial, so bear with me.  My photos are not the best, but I think I can at least get you the idea of how to make them.

These are the supplies you will need:  16 pull tabs (this is for an average to lg. size, you can use more or less, figure each tab = one half inch.  There is no clasp, it has to fit over your hand like a bangle bracelet), a size H crochet hook, and coats and clarks crochet nylon, size 18, your choice of color.  Also, not shown, size 10 cotton crochet thread for the edging, I used white with a gold thread in it, and a size 1 crochet hook for that thread.  You will also need a needle with a large eye to thread your cord ends so you can weave them in to finish off.                                                                                                  

The first step is to lay your tabs over lapped as shown above.  Place them with the smooth side up, and the rolled edges to the backand make sure all tabs are placed the same way.  I found out the hard way that it make a great difference in the way the bracelet curves.
Next, with H hook, attach your cord in the middle hole where the tabs are overlapped, and chain 3.  2 double crochet in same hole Next in the hole immediately to the left, 3 dc in same hole.

Next you add another tab to the left, behind the last one, overlapped as the first one was and do 3 dc in the overlapped hole, add another tab, 3 dc in the overlapped hole, and keep going in the same pattern until you have all the tabs added in a chain.  In the last tab you attach, leave the last hole open,

Now form a circle with your chain, right side of work facing out, and overlap the last two holes, 3 double crochets in this last hole.  It is kind of hard to hold this and do these last stitches, but it can be done.  Next finish with a slip stitch in the top of beginning ch 3. Knot off. 

Attach your cord across from where you finished off and ch3, 2 dc in first hole, 3 dc in remaining holes on other side, same as first side, finish off with slip stitch in third chain of beg. ch3, and finish off.   With the 1 hook, attach your size 10 thread in the top of any dc, ch 1, and single crochet (sc) in same stitch, and in each stitch around.  Finish off, then repeat on other side. Weave in your ends, ( I dabbed a bit of fray check on the very tip ends of the cord, because it tends to fray badly). That's it!  I hope you can figure this out.  I apologize for the messy way this is set up, but I had a very difficult time getting the pictures in the right place, and getting text under the pics.  I fought with it for two days, and this was the best I could do.  If anyone can give me some advice on how to do this better, I would sure appreciate it.    If you like this bracelet , there are some beautiful purses made from pull tabs in the autumn issue of Haute Handbags, They are amazing.                                               


  1. Very Inventive! I am a new follower from the blog hop.
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  2. So Creative! I love it! :)


  3. Wow! This is the coolest Pull Tab Cuff I've seen! I always liked the idea of using them this way, but yours is seriously cute!!

  4. what a great way to repurpose! Thanks for entering the linky party... I love your stuff1

  5. Dear Jane,
    this bracelet is stunning...I love it...Do you sell them
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