Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Repurposed Turtle Neck

We recently got a gently used clothing store in our town. Saturday when I was out running multiple errands, I decided to stop in and have a look around.  I was certainly glad I did, because they  were having an end of season sale, and all winter clothes were marked to twenty-five cents!  I found many shirts for my granddaughters, including a few turtle necks, which they hate.  Why?  Because I was looking at them with a re-purposing eye.  I took one and cut the turtle neck off close to the seam, and split the front down the middle.  I then folded under a half inch and used a decorative stitch to finish the edges.  Then, using the tutorial from Tea Rose Home for T shirt ruffles and another on her blog for flowers, I added ruffles and  flowers made from the fabric I cut off in the neck portion. I then made a button and loop closure at the top to hold it together, made a couple of kitty scatter pins to go with it, and my darling granddaughter has a darling new cardigan for school, and it only cost $0.25.  I saw one very similar at Target last week for $16.00.  I love making something new and useful from an article of clothing that would be left in the closet and never worn. 

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