Tuesday, February 1, 2011

More Can Pull Tabs

If you liked the pull tab bracelet, maybe you will like this too.  I took the Monster energy drink tabs that are green, and crochet them together to form a flower, and then I put felt on the back with a pin, and sewed a narrow strip of felt over the pin back to secure it and then sewed a channel in the felt where it can be slid onto a narrow headband.  I also took seed beads and a few larger beads and made a necklace in the same shade of green, and kept a spot in the middle open for the flower to be added to it. I just hung the flower from the pin back, so It's a versatile little accessory.  I made it for my fourteen year old grand daughter.  Upon seeing it she said, "Wow, Gram, your starting to get a good edge to your jewelry!  I like it".  Now that's a good compliment.  She wore it to school, and said a bunch of her friends wanted one too.  It's refreshing to please a picky teenager. 


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  2. That is so clever!!! Very cute!

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