Sunday, February 20, 2011

Estate Sales Rock!!!

My daughter and 3 granddaughters moved into a new rental house this weekend, and the stove and refrigerator is not included, so she went to purchase a nice pre-owned set, from  a man who purchases estates to resell.  She got a great set for a very reasonable priceOf course, while I was waiting, I decided to look around.  Everything was pretty much disorganized and kind of strewn around, but I kind of like it sometimes when you have to dig a little and then find cool stuff.  I found a really cute purse (pictured above), when I inquired about the price, he said, "Lady I burn purses, you can have them!"
Well, my granddaughters and I found a few that we really liked, so they were free.  I also got a nice, solid wood, cubbyhole type book shelf, (when I get it in place I will show a pic), for ten dollars!  I got a couple of other items, like clothes I can repurpose, for three for a dollar!  I am going to make a project out of one to show very soon.  It was a fun weekend. 

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