Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Just got a new rescue puppy , and more pictures

Here's probably an interesting insight to my personality....I love animals and have raised some interesting ones, and I have a soft spot for any animal without a mother, or a home.  I have raised 5 baby opossums, bottle feeding and all.  My sister-in-law found them in the mother's pouch after her aged father-in-law killed her for getting in with his chickens.  An unfortunate incident, but they needed a new mommy, and that was....guess who?  Me!  They were adorable and very gentile and sweet.  We turned 3 loose in a reserve, and kept Sophie, and Cosmo.  They were some of the best pets we ever had.  Gentle as could be, litter box trained, loved getting baths, and would follow us around, and would get up and sleep in our laps.  Amazing to how I thought they would be.  We kept them until they passed away at about 3 years old, which is a normal life span for them.

Anyway, today my son brought me a big old lab puppy appeared to be dumped near where he was working, and almost got hit by cars a couple of times.  She's adorable, and seems to be bright and gentle.  I will be posting a pic soon.

Here's a list of some of the more interesting animals I have  raised:  Many wild rabbits, tree frog tadpoles, 2 skunks, 4 robins, a black bird,  2 blue jays, and of course many baby domesticated animals.  It's definitely been a learning and very rewarding experience. 

Back to one of my other favorite subjects, crafts!  I am adding  pictures of jewelry I have designed.  I hand painted the ladies faces and the flowers on the wood pieces (which were off a place mat that I took apart), and then strung them on a plastic cording with bead accents top and bottom. 
Front view

back View

Flowered bracelet
a necklace and earrings set I made

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