Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Turtleneck to Shrug

detail of ribbon and flowers
Back view
Front of shrug
This is my little two-year- old princess, who refuses to model lately. 
This week I decided to tackle some turtlenecks that I got at an end of the season sale, a few weeks ago, for twenty-five cents each.  I wouldn't want something I have so much invested in to be forgotten, and not used!  I had went to "Cut out and Keep" to this this link: and found out how to make a shrug from a T shirt, and cut off the neck and cut down the middle of the front, like the tutorial suggests.  The only thing that I changed is:  When you go around your corner up at the neck area, I rounded the corner, rather than leaving it squared off.  It was too hard to fold the inch over to make the casing for your ribbon, in that area.  There was too much fabric and too much bulk for me to make a smooth turn.  So I just rounded my corners off, then all went smoothly. I also added a 2 inch ruffle to the bottom, and neck area.  I  measured the bottom of the shirt and made the ruffle 2"  wide by the measurement of the bottom, plus one half that length added to it.  So, if your bottom measurement is 24 inches, then it would be:      24 + 12 =36 inches long.  I ran two rows of basting stitches down the ruffle, then found and marked the center.  I started pinning it to the bottom of the shirt, wrong sides together, easing in the ruffles to fit.  Make sure you stop with the tapered end of the ruffle before your casing for ribbon, or you won't be able to put your ribbon through.  Next, stitch the ruffle on. I pressed the seam allowance toward the top of the garment, and then top stitched  about 1/8 from seam to make the ruffle lay nicer.  Repeat the same for neck ruffle, but make sure you stitch it on below your sewing line for the casing, as not to interfere with it.  Feed your ribbon through, tie a bow and adjust your gathers.   I added some flowers near the neck area.   Mine is a size two for the cutest little princess you've ever seen, but...she has decided, lately, that she does not like to model clothes, nor have gram take her picture!  So even though it looks much cuter on an adorable two year old, how can you argue with a princess??   My daughter ( otherwise known as the princess's mother), makes all of her adorable hair decorations, and she has some beautiful ones.


  1. This is the cutest little shrug ever! I especially like the ribbon - it sets the whole piece off and suits it beautifully. I saw your turtleneck revamp as are talented!!

  2. I love it! I really enjoy seeing refashioned clothing. Yours is really cute.